Branding think tank for the start-ups

“To make start-up brands shine”

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First one-stop company concentrates on integrating brand strategy, creative and communication for the start-ups.
———— ABOUT US ————
We live for creation
StrongBrand Consulting is the first think-tank that concentrates on branding for internet business. We offer services ranged from brand positioning, visual expression, touchpoints experience, brand story and creative communication. All the employees are from world leading branding, advertising and PR agencies. We have continuously been supporting more than 20 start-up brands from 0 to 1, 95% of which have successfully proceed into next round financing and become the top brands among their competitors. Includes: Dayima (E round of RMB 130 million Yuan), Didapinche (C round of RMB 100 million Yuan), and Mingyizhudao (B round of RMB 150 Million Yuan).

We converge top elite together

We create brand accelerator to fully
support your development

We stay fun and creative

We company with clients through multi
rounds of financing and grow together

———— OUR BUSINESS ————



Brand Audit
User experience report
Brand Naming
Brand Positioning
Brand Tagline
Brand Story
Touchpoints Audit


Brand Identity
VI system
Packaging Design
Mascot Design
UI design
Brand Brochure
Creative ideas


Communication Plan
Social Engagement
Online Promotion
H5 Design
Advertising Ideas
Copy writing
Digital Strategy

Web Development

Website Construction
———— OUR PARTNERS ————
Cooperate with world-class incubators, VCs and mobile Internet technology platforms,in order to provide multi support to the start-ups
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